not much tops summertime s’mores.

smores3 so when her dad casually said, i wonder if anyone’s ever made a s’mores cake?,  she decided a s’mores cake would be the perfect father’s day surprise. she found the recipe online and we gathered the ingredients and planned an afternoon in the kitchen while he was at work.


though the cake cracked a bit under the weight of the upper layers, and we struggled to keep the layers from sliding off each other, this dense, sweet cake was indeed the perfect surprise.


affirming her idea for this father’s day surprise, helping and encouraging her to plan for it, and spending the afternoon with her baking all served to nurture her self-esteem, but it also provided opportunities for us to connect. she felt encouraged by my support, excited to present her dad with this unexpected, personal surprise, and proud that she made it herself.

what surprises have you helped your daughter pull off?



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