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  Bobbie Odom

I am wife and mother of five. My passion to serve girls grew from having four of my own. As I watch them grow, I am reminded of the ups and downs in the life of a girl. A heaviness in my heart to reach out to girls, not only my own, would not go away. Through the creation of Pearls For Girls, I am blessed to have the opportunity to start and continue a legacy for my girls.

My home in East Tennessee is where I enjoy hiking, teaching fitness classes, trail running, arts of all kinds, laughing always, car rides, talking with my kids, and enjoying coffee on the front porch with my husband.

                                                                                                                                            Karen Armstrong karen

As the mother of two adult daughters, raising self-confident women has been a passion of mine. As a school psychologist, helping girls with their relationships has been a goal for me.

Being raised by a single mother in the 60’s and 70’s has taught me the importance of caring for ourselves and others, and the need for resiliency.




marla  Marla Seals

I am a full time working wife and mother of three wonderful children. I havebeen married to my best friend for 20 years. My husband and I have always been involved in reaching youth. It is a passion we both share. I currently teach 9th grade girls at my church, and have two girls of my own. I feel compelled to reach out to girls to help them realize their purpose and importance in this world. While the world fills them with lies about beauty and value, my heart’s desire is for girls to come to the truth and joy in becoming the young lady God has created them to be.

I live in East Tennessee and enjoy running, hiking, boating, reading, spending time with my family, and watching my children play sports.

                                                                                                                                                   Tori Johnson  tori


I’m 19, engaged, and a full-time college student.

I love lip-gloss, frozen yogurt, road trips, planning, online shopping, Pinterest dreaming, and the color black. I’m the daughter of a majestic King, of whose Grace I’m not the slightest bit worthy.

My desire is that through this blog, young girls will see themselves as beautiful. I hope they will learn the true meaning of beauty, and embrace that, rather then a warped definition (including fake tanners and millions of coats of mascara) that the latest generations are drowning themselves. I hope to learn, then write about, topics that young girls care about, helping them to develop to their fullest potential, and then I hope to inspire them to inspire others. Ultimately, I hope to teach girls that not being the norm is quite a good thing, and by doing that, I hope to change the world, one girl at a time.

Tori also blogs at The Editorial.


 Dawn Hearn

Growing up as an overweight child has given me perspective of what the world can be like when you lack confidence and self love. I want young women of today to know that they can do anything and no matter what they look like or what circumstances they come from, they have the ability to change and to do anything in their lives. I am the activities leader and teacher of girls 12-18 in my church and I feel the need to teach girls how to be supportive, independent, confident and loyal so that they can go on to have beautiful lives and impact the lives of other girls.

I am a mother of four sons and one princess, and have been married to the man of my dreams for 21 years. My home is East Tennessee, where I enjoy time with my family, pint rest, boating, hikes, and anything that involves a sewing machine.



  Patty Christopher

It’s an amazing feeling to be called to something and recognize it. This project evolved from a series of posts on my personal blog, Finding Serendipity.  Any time that my attention was drawn elsewhere or I lost focus as we planned and began to implement this program, something big fell in my path that confirmed how needed this project is… To nurture girls, to be that village that might give them the step ahead they need, is our purpose. Will you join us?

I am wife, mother to two boys and a girl, a daughter, a sister, a photographer, a writer, an exercise enthusiast, a tender heart. I live in the southern Appalachian Mountains of East Tennessee.


 Susan Sinard

I am wife to Curt and Mama to Abby and Jacob. My belief is that there is a great deal of vulnerability in the life of young women and girls. I love investing time in our girls and doing whatever I can to feed and nurture their self-esteem. Sometimes it can be only one positive… or negative comment made to an impressionable girl that can totally change the course of her future. When I am not spending time with my family or working full-time, I enjoy walking, reading, writing, traveling, boating, cooking, girls’ nights, shopping, laughing and resting!

And our newest addition, our Pearls for Girls Intern, Taylor Odom


I am a full-time college student, interior design major, design editor of The Gallery magazine, and part-time employee of the Citizen Tribune newspaper.

I enjoy spending my time using my creativity, hiking, snowboarding, shopping, reading, and spending time with my friends and family.

My passion is to make others happy and be a help to others.  I hope that through my internship with this blog, my words and creativeness can be helpful to young girls.  I have a desire to reach out to girls to show them their worth, beauty, strength, and who they truly are. I love to share my creativeness with others, so through this blog I hope to bring new and beneficial ideas to girls.


About Pearls for Girls

We are so excited to introduce Pearls for Girls to you! We are a small group of women who have come together with the purpose to empower girls. And we want to empower YOU, whether you are a girl, a parent or a professional who works with girls, to empower girls.


How to Find What You are Looking For

On the home page just below our banner, you will find a menu which will be very helpful in finding what you are looking for. Each of our posts will be tagged for target audience {girls, parents, or professionals who work with girls} and for content {beauty, faith, service to others, finding your passion, safety, and being true to yourself}. If you click on the target audience OR the content link, you will find a list of posts that are addressed to you or are about the content you are interested in. You can also search our blog using the search box on the menu.


How to Help Us Use Social Media to Empower Girls

PFG is not just a blog. It’s a movement. It’s our commitment to give girls the tools to be empowered and confident so that ultimately they will be happy, successful adults who will continue to inspire others. Please join us in this quest by following us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. You can use the social media links on our sidebar. And better yet, have your daughters follow us to receive daily inspirational messages in their social media feed.


Other Resources

We will continuously post other resources which you may find helpful or inspiring as we come across them. Please share any that you know or have found useful by leaving their titles and other information in a comment. To note:  we will be researching our topics and including our references when appropriate.


Our Partners

We are currently seeking to partner with businesses who have demonstrated a commitment to the welfare of girls. If you are interested, please contact us by email or leave a message in a comment. Thank you.




We hope that you find PFG to be your source for information and inspiration to nurture the self esteem of girls.



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